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Please join us next Wednesday, July 14th for the 18th annual Ride Night to Camp Quality in Monetville.  We will meet at the South end Canadian Tire at 5 pm and
depart at 5:30.
Also, please bring an extra helmet, if you will be giving children a ride and a
backrest is required.
Camp Quality, which is a non-profit volunteer organization, provides a year-round support program for children with cancer and their families.  Programs include family weekends, reunions and fun days for the whole family.
Every July, for one week, the children are matched with a trained adult volunteer, along with medical staff on-site and numerous volunteers, who have returned for several years to assist with the cleaning, cooking and to act as companions to give these children a remarkable experience that they will never forget.
The motorcycle ride is always on the Wednesday night and is something that everyone
looks forward to.  It really is something to see the children's faces as they watch with glee when the motorcycles approach.  This year, we will have approximately 55 children to provide rides for and everyone really appreciates your time.  Even if you are not able to provide a ride,
everyone is welcome to come.
Thanks again to the many riders from our various local motorcycle clubs, as it wouldn't be the same without you!
Please view their website for pictures of the various events and further information contact
or  contact  Sudbury Wings - Director,   Paulette Hagen  560-3282
                            Assistant Director,   Yvon Godin        694-3079



This information is intended to give you a brief history of our local club and also inform you on what we take part in as an association.  With this information we hope that it will encourage you to join us in our destination for Great Friendship and safe and fun motorcycle riding.


We are not associated with the GWTA.  We are Sudbury based only.   We are a local group and all motorcycle and riders are welcome.  Membership is 10 dollars a year.


First I would like to introduce you to our 2009 Executive:


Chapter Director: Paulette Hagan

Assistant Director: Yvon Godin

Treasurer: Sue Godin

Secretary : Kathy Lessard

Group Liason: Lise Campbell


This club started out in 1992 with the minimum requirement of 10 members.   Several of our current members are from the original founding group.  Without these people, our association would not be the same today.  Along with other long time members they have shown us how a great time can be had by all in our club.


A monthly meeting is held on the third Thursday of each month at the DOG HOUSE Sports Bar & Eatery at 25 Aldege St in Azilda in Azilda.  Supper is @ 6:00 pm and the meeting @ 7:00 pm.  It is nice for members to attend the meetings as this is also a good time to socialize and talk about rides and events that some of us may have participated in during the month.  These meetings are held through out the off season as well.  It keeps us in contact and is a good opportunity to plan things for the following season.


Every motorcycle rider is invited to join us when we are riding.  We meet  every Sunday at Gonga’s Grill, Brady Square parking lot for our Sunday ride.  Departure is 9:30 AM.  Should you want breakfast come earlier.  Start point or time if different will be indicated on the ride schedule page.


If new members would like to join Sudbury Wings, they are welcome.  Contact one of our members or telephone Paulette Hagen at 560-3282 for more information. 



At one point in our club's history, the members, as a whole, chose to start supporting a charity as our contribution to our community.  The charity chosen is Camp Quality. For those of you who are not familiar with Camp Quality, it is a summer camp for children that suffer from all forms of cancer.


In order to raise funds to support Camp Quality our club holds Charity BBQs and Bowling Nights, with all proceeds going directly to the Camp.  We have, at times, also held a yard sale to help support the cause.  We also partake in a Ride Night for the children at the Camp.  Other clubs that take part in this evening event are The Hogs, Freedom Riders, The Blue Nights as well as riders who are not affiliated with any organizations.



We also take part in many other local and out of town rides and rallies.  Towards the end of the season we have our colour run.  This involves choosing a prime destination to experience all the beautiful colours that our fall season offers us.  This is normally a weekend event.


During the winter months we like to get together for breakfast.  Usually it's the first Sunday of every month.  Each time a different place is chosen and will be posted on the website to keep anyone interested informed.


And, last but not least, we have our annual Christmas Party to cap off the end of the year.


In February we plan a weekend getaway for our group.  Usually it is to a resort that has cabins that can accommodate several people in each cabin and provide ice fishing and other winter activities.

Meeting this Thursday 17 May at the lion den in Azilda come and have spaghetti only 9 dollars a plate and you can have as many refill
as you want. This will be our last meeting at the lion den for this year, the next meeting will be at my place in Wahnapitae on the 21 June and it will be a BBQ more to follow.
Hope to see lots of you come in at 6pm or earlier

Yvon Godin
Sudbury Wings

Our Champion Charity

To contact us with any questions or comments please email Paulette at or Yvon Godin at


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